3 Motivation Tips For Bodybuilders

Monday, March 17th 2014. | Bodybuilding
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Good morning dear fitness and bodybuilding friend,

I hope you had a great weekend ! If not, I have to make here three tips for you to help you do your body for the rest, probably exhausting, week fit.

Tip 1 – Motivation

Trust in yourself. Break the rules. Do not listen to others when they want to tell you what you can not ! Work on you, as hard as you can and do not forget, they want others to do something good.

Health & Fitness, like 3 Motivation Tips for Bodybuilders

3 Motivation Tips for Bodybuilders Classic Arnold Picture

Classic Arnold Picture

Tip 2 – Nutrition

If you follow any diet plan, you are going already a loser at the start. Create you a diet plan, because that saves time, money and helps you to plan your ideal day.

Tip 3 – Training

Begin your first training session with the muscle that you would most like to always leave out. Most of them are the legs or the abdomen, which are reluctant to train, according to the motto : “. Every day is upper body day”

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” Eat that Frog ” is an American idiom that means something like : If you already have your morning frog ‘ eats, you can calm in the other day to start, with the certainty that you have the worst already behind you.

So eat your thing Monday, Frog ‘by now you are training your hatred muscle equal, for a pleasant start to the week !

Eat Good Feel Good

I wish you a good start to the week !

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