“I Look Weird with Glasses” – Four Reasons Why We Think You Don’t

I’ve watched countless of movies already. I know you probably have too. I’ve watched all kinds – action, adventure, horror, rom-coms, or just pure comedy. After watching so many flicks, it’s easy to start noticing “trends.” Jocks always wear that traditional varsity jacket. Hot girls are always depicted wearing skimpy skirts and furry heeled boots. Comedians would always wear that goofy smile on their face and speak using a voice one octave higher than their normal one. Last but definitely not least, who can forget the quirky nerds who are always seen wearing large rectangular specs? I can think of so many characters off the top of my head: Velma from Scooby Doo, Dexter, Harry Potter (well. He was bullied by Malfoy because he “looked” nerdy), and so many others. Except for a few characters, these nerdy-type of characters (read more) would often become sidekick to the main chick or guy. They’d also often fall for cheap tricks and become an object for mockery.

This is why I believe some kids (especially those in their teens) hate the idea of wearing glasses. They tend to regard it as “weird” and “uncool.” If we had to rate uncool things on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, glasses would be way up there with a score of 8 or 9 – probably next to orthodontic braces. This is how much kids dislike the idea of wearing specs and why they’d rather agonize over being partially blind than wearing a pair. The stigma about glasses media has embedded into our minds runs very deep. So deep perhaps, that it’s difficult to change children’s minds about it.

That won’t stop us from trying though.

Wearing glasses will not diminish your appeal – not one bit. If you choose wisely, it might even add more to your charm. There are many fashionable glasses readily available in the market nowadays. Yes, this goes for graded ones as well. Houston eye glasses are becoming trendier too. So trendy, in fact, that people who have absolutely no problem with their eyesight are buying several pairs! Eye centres also cater custom made glasses so that you can pick out a design that makes you comfortable.

If you’re still not convinced, here are four reasons why we think you can rock those specs more than you know:

1.      “Nerdy Hot” Is Pretty Hype Thing Right Now

In case you weren’t informed, hot nerds are kind of like a thing now. Gone were the days when lewd was considered “good.” Now, it’s all about smart style – looking hot without looking stupid. It’s kind of a thing in the internet right now. You even see pictures of it everywhere: A fit guy drinking coffee whilst reading the newspaper (with glasses) or a gorgeous babe working on a laptop with specs and all. Wearing glasses is not weird. If done right, it will even make you look better!

2.      Glasses Can Make Your Eyes Look More Defined

With the right frame and color, glasses can bring out the sparkle in your eyes. Glasses generally make eyes look bigger – which is great! This way, you can sport the lovely color of your irises and thick lashes without putting much of an effort. Wearing white frames will definitely draw the attention straight to your eyes.

3.      Celebrities Are Sporting It!

If celebrities don’t mind wearing glasses in public places, why should you? We see paparazzi photos of our celebs wearing glasses in multiple occasions: going to the grocery, malling with the family, eating out at a restaurant, etc. This is because there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing glasses. They’re the most convenient and safest way to see clearly. They’re quite fashionable nowadays, you know.

4.      It Looks Smart and Edgy

Wearing glasses can add a little more spunk to your aura as a person. It can tell people that you are smart, confident, maybe with a little bit of attitude, but daring nonetheless. It gives you an air of sophistication and grace. And it gives off the vibe “Hey, I’m not playing games here.” Pretty sweet, don’t you think?